Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar

Murphy Surveys utilize the most modern equipment, cutting edge technologies and over thirty years of experience and skill to produce cost-effective fast, efficient and accurate Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys.

We can determine the most suitable survey methodology based on clients specification, and are proud to be able to provide onsite real-time data with 3D imaging capabilities.

GPR is a non-intrusive surveying technique used to locate utilities, rebar, conduits, voids, and other features below the surface.

GPR uses pulses of energy to image the subsurface. An integrated computer records the strength and time required for the return of reflected signals, and stores this data on digital media. Differences occur in natural and man-made materials such as geological structures, pipes and wire.


GPR Survey Applications

  • Utility detection and mapping
  • Structural integrity testing
  • Establish the physical dimension and arrangement of a structure
  • Underground tank mapping and leakage studies
  • Pavement, road, rail bed investigations
  • Identification and risk analysis of natural obstacles
  • Drill support
  • Unmarked cemetery and grave location
  • Measure asphalt thickness and concrete damage beneath the pavement
  • Archaeological site mapping
  • Geology and geophysics
  • Concrete inspection and evaluation
  • Environmental surveys
  • Trenchless technology and directional studies
  • Locate metal and non metallic objects

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