Murphy Surveys are now AVEVA’s strategic sales partner in Ireland. Murphy Surveys’ are responsible for sales of AVEVA’s full suite of products into the process, power and pharmaceutical industries.

AVEVA provides software for the design and management of some of the world’s largest process plants, power plants, marine vessels and offshore facilities. This alliance demonstrates AVEVA’s commitment to move into strategic territories, like Ireland, where it does not have a direct sales and support presence.


Murphy Surveys is now the official distributor, throughout Ireland and the UK, for Euclideon’s Geoverse software. Geoverse Massive Data Manager is a revolutionary new geospatial software offering that slashes the hardware costs behind storing, displaying, and interacting with the complex data sets generated by 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry. The popularity of 3D data is growing thanks to the falling costs of the technology required to scan in objects and areas. However, the falling costs of scanning hardware are contrasted with the rising storage and computational costs of the data that is being generated.

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Geometrical monitoring is considered one of the most diverse survey disciplines. Murphy Surveys has combined years of experience and knowledge with a market leading partner to enable a vast range of state of the art monitoring services. The Geodata group is an innovative international supplier of integrated, IT-based solutions and services in the test and measurement field and in engineering surveys. Through the targeted use of measurement technologies Geodata capture physical, geometric and spatial data and their variation over time. The data is then efficiently transformed into meaningful and directly applicable information.


Intermap was the first company to collect, aggregate, and commercialise geospatial data from around the world. We are an official value-added reseller of digital elevation data from Intermap’s NEXTMap and World 30 databases to support GIS, planning and infrastructure design applications

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Since 1923, the core business of Hansa Luftbild has been geo-information, encompassing everything from conventional aerial surveys to the development and implementation of modern GIS applications. Our alliance with Hansa Luftbild enables us to provide solutions for individual project components or to operate as general contractors for large projects, whilst recognising the needs of a changing market. From aerial photography, to mapping and implementation of GIS, Hansa Luftbild and Murphy Surveys bring together the right technology, ideas and solutions to compile and refine spatial data.