Construction Monitoring

We offer monitoring solutions for the construction of new tunnels, shafts and cross passages or for deep excavation and piling works near any buildings and structures which could compromise their structural geometry and stability.

Primary & Secondary Systems

We design and provide independent primary and secondary tunnel and site monitoring systems to ensure that a robust backup system is present in the event of any alarming reading therefore ensuring the double check of movements and preventing loss of data in case of any technical failure of a monitoring component.

Staff Training

Our staff has been trained for site works as well as NR, LUL, DLR and other railway services to carry out installation works of monitoring sensors and equipment and to manually survey and monitor.

Mobile Database

All data are collected in Geodata’s KRONOS tunnel monitoring database which can be accessed over the internet. The monitoring software caters for alarming and sophisticated alarm filtering in conjunction with daily update of the construction progress for small to large scale construction projects